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Our Seasons:
Fall = September to November
Winter = November to April
Spring = April to June
Summer = June to Septemeber

The seasons in Ucluelet are very mild. In fact, the west coast has one of Canada's mildest winter climates. It is uncommon at sea level to get very much snow and freezing temperatures, the winter here brings mostly rain and wind to the coast. The storms brought in by the Pacific Ocean give an amazing show to view during the dull winter months. Huge swells, stronge winds, and terrential downpours cover the coast in the late fall and winter days (and not uncommonly in the spring and summer).
The spring brings a few scattered days of sun and slighty warmer weather. May and June can be a great time to visit with less tourists and decent weather. Late June and July tend to be the sunnier nicer months but quite busy with visitors. August has been dubbed "Fogust" due to the fog brought in by the warmer weather.
Vancouver Island is the wettest place in North America. Henderson Lake, just outside of Port Alberni, holds the Canadian record for annual precipitation with 947.9 centimeters in 1997. The Brynnor Mine area outside of Ucluelet holds the record for daily precipitation with 48.9 centimeters in 1967. The precipitation is the heaviest in the fall and in the winter, and although snow is rare by the ocean it is common in the mountains.



Ucluelet has some great surf beaches just a short drive away. Please be aware of the dangers of rip currents and be respectful to other surfers in the water. All of the beaches change from season to season and the quality of the surf depends greatly on the weather and the tide. Visit the local surf shops to find out about current conditions. In the summer the waves are generally small and calm. In the winter the conditions can be unpredictable and the waves substancial. Long Beach is the only area that has life guard supervision, and that is only in the summer months.

Recommended Beaches:

Wickanninish Beach

Distance: 10min from Ucluelet, 25min from Tofino.
Parking Area: Large

Long Beach

Distance: 20min from Ucluelet, 15min from Tofino.
Parking Area: Large

Cox Bay

Distance: 25min from Ucluelet, 10min from Tofino.
Parking Area: Small


Distance: 30min from Ucluelet, 5min from Tofino.
Parking Area: Small